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Biosolids Management

City of Marinette, Wisconsin

Facility: Marinette Wastewater Treatment Plant
Technology: Shincci High-Efficiency Sludge Dehumidifier & PWTech Volute Dewatering Press

In 2019, it was determined that the Marinette wastewater treatment plants biosolids were contaminated with PFAS/PFOA. With this contamination, the wastewater facility could no longer land-apply the liquid, anaerobically-digested biosolids. This caused the city to develop a plan and make a decision on how to efficiently handle and dispose of the contaminated biosolids. 

On March 26, 2023 the Marinette facility was highlighted in an article from the Eagle Herald, discussing how the dewatering and drying technology was able to reduce sludge volume and reduce costs for shipping. "Warren Howard estimated the city would transport 450 to 500 tons of biosolids this year. It costs $150 to $200 a ton to ship in Wisconsin, compared to $450 to $750 a ton to ship to Oregon."

Project Goals:

  • Significantly reduce sludge volume

  • Process 21,000 gallons of sludge per day of 2% TS
    wastewater sludge

  • Run the dewatering and drying technology
    24 hours per day/five days a week with room for
    increasing capacity

  • New technology to fit existing plant footprint with
    no new construction

PWTech volute dewatering press inside of a wastewater treatment facility
Sludge dehumidification system inside of a wastewater treatment facility

Virtual Tour of Biosolids Upgrade

at Marinette, WI Facility


Featuring: JWC Muffin Monster, Seepex Cake Pumps, Velodyne, PWTech Volute Dewatering Press,

Shincci USA Sludge Dehumidification System.

The ICS Group worked with the Marinette Wastewater Plant Superintendent, the selected engineer, Shincci, and PWTech to find an effective, permanent treatment solution. Request the results in our full report below. 

Marinette Biosolids Upgrade

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