Minnesota & Michigan Weigh "Everywhere Chemicals" Bans to Exceed Federal Rules

Source: Bloomberg Law

May 24, 2022: Phthalates found across households—from cosmetics and detergents to shower curtains and vinyl flooring—are called “everywhere chemicals.” But they’re not close to being regulated everywhere. Minnesota, Michigan, New Jersey, and New York are currently considering in their legislative bills with protections.

Bathroom Tiles
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ICS Group Partners with SPIRAC

Source: ICS Group


May 13, 2022: SPIRAC, a seasoned manufacturer of shaftless spiral conveyors and storage systems, has partnered with the ICS Group to offer their efficient waste management transportation systems. Whether you are looking to upgrade your wastewater treatment plant or planning new construction, SPIRAC offers conveyor and silo solutions to meet your needs. 

Intelligent Solutions for Clogged Pumps: DeRagger

Source: DeRagger.com

May 4, 2022: Does your wastewater treatment plant team struggle with clogging pumps? The DERAGGER + keeps pumps running rag-free at all times, eliminating the need to manually pull & clean them. Clean pumps also mean longer pump life, less maintenance and greater system efficiency.

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PWTech Helps New England Partner Meed EPA Regulations

Source: Water & Waste Digest


April 19, 2022:  An American manufacturer of sludge handling products, Process Wastewater Technologies LLC (PWTech) announces success along the Connecticut River, where Montague Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) has been meeting EPA permit regulations for total suspended solids (TSS) within a month after installation of their Volute Dewatering Press.