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October 10, 2023 - Biosolids Optimization


Wastewater facilities throughout the Midwest are facing a new challenge. Managing biosolids. With the possibility of new regulations, lack of land application, the costs of transporting biosolids, or handling contaminated biosolids – facilities are faced with a decision of how to move forward to the future. We present technology that addresses biosolids with innovation, automation, and efficiency.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Biosolids overview and facts

  • Mitigating costs of handling biosolids

  • Important items to consider when selecting technology

  • Review the case study of biosolids upgrade at Marinette WWTP

October 10, 2023 - Noon to 1 pm

November 14, 2023 - Retrievable & Fixed Grid Aeration Solutions from Jaeger Aeration


Would retrievable aeration make your life easier? No need to drain tanks and take your aeration offline with this innovative technology. Jaeger Aeration specializes in retrievable projects utilizing OxyStrip/OxyLift applications. The OxyStrip has very unique benefits vs disc and tube aeration.  We will also expand on the additional aeration solutions we provide to communities in the Midwest on new and retrofit aeration projects for nutrient removal processes for TN and TP.  We will also discuss CFD analysis, layout benefits, and options suggested for various shapes of basins. 

November 14, 2023 - Noon to 1 pm

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The Latest News in Wastewater

Beer Maker in Brewery

Source: Crain's Grand Rapids Business


August 18, 2023: A new state grant program is offering farms and food processors $30 million in total funding to upgrade their wastewater treatment infrastructure and help them comply with environmental regulations. 

The new Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) grant offers farmers, food processors, breweries and other food-related businesses an opportunity to apply for up to $2 million in funding.

Exploring Advanced Filtration Technologies: A Leap Forward in Municipal Water Treatment

Source: Amiad Water Systems

August 1, 2023: A municipal water supply is crucial in providing communities with safe, high-quality water.


Advanced filtration technologies have revolutionized both water treatment as well as supply of municipal water, addressing the limitations of traditional filtration methods and highlighting the significance of smart water management.


Smart water management is key for municipalities to provide safe, clean water for each community. Learn how filtration technology has evolved and how you can implement a smart water management program.

Image by Izzy Gibson

A Biosolids Drying Technology Helps Clean-Water Facilities Avoid the Cost of Hauling Water

Source: TPO (Treatment Plant Operator magazine)


July 18, 2023: ICS Group partner, Shincci-USA, was featured in an article by TPO. A New Hampshire recycling company shares their experience of using the low-temperature drying process to deliver 90% dry Class A biosolids for beneficial use. 

In 2018, RMI introduced a new drying technology that helped wastewater treatment plants dramatically reduce biosolids volume and improve quality.


After successful piloting, the dryer was selected by the custoemr and produced biosolids at 88-92% solids, significantly cutting the volume that needs to be transported. The biosolids management effort led to RMI being selected as the 2021 recipient of the Green Steps Award from the New England Water Environment Association.

Watershed Moments from Wrightstown, WI

Source: Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance

July 11, 2023: Travis Coenen grew up on the river in Wrightstown, fishing, canoeing, and launching from the boat ramp. As an adult, he works for the community as the Village Administrator of Wrightstown.


He was aware of the pollution in the river, even when he was young. He didn’t know what was causing it, but when the algae would bloom in late summer, “all of a sudden the river would turn bright green – like in Chicago for St. Patrick’s Day when they dye the river. It didn’t seem right.”

After years of partnership with the Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance, Travis knows the work is making a difference . “I feel blessed that I got acquainted with Fox-Wolf. The collaborative efforts they’ve initiated, created, or facilitated have been amazing,” he said. “They’re stewards out there trying to actually fix things. Their feet-on-the-ground initiatives are actually happening.”


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