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Featured Projects

At ICS Group, our wastewater experience covers multiple applications and solutions. We pride ourselves on working directly with wastewater operators, business owners, and consulting engineers to find the best technology for your wastewater upgrade. 


Select manufacturers offer on-site pilots where end-users and engineers can see the equipment in action. We collect the data from these pilots, and we have created a series of featured projects to showcase the efficiency of our technology. 

ICS Group Featured Projects

Biosolids Management

Learn about our pilot studies on sludge management at municipal and industrial locations 

Dewatering & Thickening

Discover our pilot studies on thickening and dewatering sludge at municipal and industrial sites


Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) pilot studies with our featured PFAS removal technology

Phosphorous Removal

Learn about our pilot studies on tertiary filtration to remove phosphorous

Overall Plant Health

Discover how our technology is proven to improve your overall plant health

Case Studies

Discover full reports on completed projects throughout our service area in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan

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wastewater and energy projects.

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