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ICS Group Announces Partnership with Spirac

In May, the ICS Group signed as a new representative with Spirac. Spirac is a well-known leader for shaftless conveyor systems, compaction, containment, and transport systems for wastewater treatment facilities with thousands of installations around the world. The addition of Spirac to the ICS line-card offers full-service solutions for wastewater upgrade projects.

"Being able to offer complete conveyor system solutions in combination with our wastewater treatment technology was a logical step to helping our customers meet their needs " says ICS Group President, Paul Nygaard.

Spirac is known around the municipal and wastewater industry for 40 years as an elite engineering company which design conveyors, such as: SPIROLINE® Horizontal/Inclined Shaftless Spiral Conveyors and SPIROLIFT® Vertical Shaftless Spiral Conveying Technology. Spirac also provides storage and receival systems which include: live bottom silos and bunkers, sliding frame silos and bunkers, SPIROTAINER®, and truck receival bunkers. With years of engineering experience, Spirac has been able to develop

Offering complete conveyor and storage systems alongside wastewater treatment technology has many benefits. With an eye for detail, the conveyors feature:

  • Improved filling rates and lower RPMs resulting in less wear

  • No intermediate or end bearings to lower maintenance

  • Completely enclosed troughs

  • Direct drive systems

  • SPIRAC’s proprietary liner (DURAFLO® SPX) with a built-in wear indicator with a snap-in, snap-out feature enabling easy replacement.

Conveyors are just the start of the transportation process in a facility. Next, facilities need to consider sludge storage, truck receival and out-loading options. Two out-loading solutions which Spirac offers: live bottoms and sliding frames. The sliding frame silo systems complement their spiral conveyor live bottom system by offering sludge storage solutions. Storage in silos can range from 26 to 1300 cubic yards and are offered in circular or rectangular designs in a variety of diameters and heights.

To learn more about Spirac's conveyors, silos, and transport systems please visit their website - SPIRAC Screening, Grit & Sludge handling solutions. If you are interested in integrating Spirac's systems into an existing project, please contact Paul Nygaard to schedule a meeting.

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