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Stop the Stink: Innovative Wastewater Odor & Corrosion Control

Odor is a common problem that we need to mediate in wastewater treatment and food processing facilities. There are a variety of technologies offered to help solve this problem, such as biological and chemical scrubbers or chemical additives, but the Terminodour™ from Kusters Water features innovative oxidization and ionization to remove odor emitted from the interior and exterior of your plant.

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A smelly plant can take a toll on your work environment and your employees, contribute to the corrosion of your equipment and the plant, and possibly disturb the neighbors next to your facility. The most cost-effective, space-saving option to consider is the Terminodour™ from Kusters Water. Recent case studies have proven a 50% lower cost and a 25% reduction in operational costs (in comparison with a traditional chemical scrubber). (source: You may be asking - how does it work? "Each Terminodour™ system includes an Air Handling Unit (AHU) located outside the building. The AHU is manufactured from galvanized or stainless steel with foam core for acoustic insulation and protection from the elements. Air is drawn in through the external louvers (1), passes through filters (2), and a blower (3) moves the air into the plasma reactor chamber (4) where the air flows over corona discharge tubes and oxygen molecules are ionized." In a recent case study from Mayfield Dairy Farms (Dean Foods Company) in Homewood, Alabama - the Terminodour™ provided exceptional odor results. "Once operational there was a noticeable improvement in interior air quality, an estimated ~ 90% reduction in odors. The reduced odor load to the scrubber led to fewer carbon media changes, typically three times a year, now once yearly resulting in an annual cost savings of approximately $30,000 for the Dairy. More importantly, odor complaints from neighbors have stopped and the building working environment is much improved. As an added benefit of the ionization process, specifically the reduction of H2S, plant personnel have noticed a reduction in corrosion of electrical components." The many benefits of Terminodour™ from Kusters Water:

  • Lower capital cost

  • Lower maintenance and maintenance cost

  • Reduced corrosion

  • Easy to retrofit

  • Small footprint

  • No water connection or supply needed

  • No chemicals or chemical storage

  • Improved workplace conditions

If your facility needs improved odor-reduction, schedule a meeting with Paul at the ICS Group to learn more about the Terminodour™ from Kusters Water.

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