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The ICS Group Story: Passion Drives Your Success

When you run your own business, you need to be passionate about what you do every day. Passion is what drives your success and unique impact within the industry and communities you serve. Most of our passions are developed as a child, and Paul's story is no different.

"As a kid, I had an environmental or ecological awareness. The more I learned about the environment and water, the more I was certain this is what I was meant to do with my life."

This passion fueled Paul to attend Michigan Tech where he graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering and a minor in Environmental Engineering. After graduation, Paul started working for local engineering firms where he specialized in various water

projects. His first job out of college was working as a remediation engineer, cleaning up water and soil sites that were affected by various chemicals, such as arsenic and

petroleum compounds. Paul pivoted his career and joined a manufacturers rep firm where he found his true passion in water and wastewater treatment and helping consulting engineers and wastewater operators meet their treatment challenges until he started his own business, the ICS Group, in 2009.

The ICS Group has evolved since it was established and has embraced several positive changes. Paul opened his business with a focus on energy and power management solutions but saw more potential in wastewater as the years progressed. In 2016, Paul hired his brother Greg as a Senior Project Manager and the shift to focusing on wastewater started to take shape. Attending conferences, such as WEFTEC, opened their eyes to new wastewater technology to solve major issues that municipalities and industries faced throughout the Midwest.

"The ICS Group started with a focus on energy but what we quickly learned is there is a synergy between energy and wastewater."

Incorporating new, evolving, and cutting-edge technology makes the ICS Group standout from other manufacturer's representatives. "There is technology on the market that is street-seasoned, but we are invested in providing the best new technology to solve our customer's problems." Engineers and end-users that are hesitant to commit with a newer technology can have their questions answered at a demonstration or pilot. The ICS Group schedules pilots with interested clients throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan. Demonstration units from manufacturers can be delivered to a site, set up by skilled technicians, and fully optimized and functioning within a short amount of time.

Looking to the future - one area that the ICS Group is consciously aware of is energy usage of their featured wastewater technology. New technology can use less energy and have a smaller impact on the environment. More engineers are looking for solutions that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. As new science and technology evolves with the rapid changes in the wastewater industry, the ICS Group is committed to staying true to their passions and providing innovative technology with proven results.

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