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Wastewater Treatment Upgrades on the Horizon - Thanks to New Infrastructure Bill

The President's $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill was passed by Congress on November 9, 2021 and Wisconsin may receive more than $800 million to improve outdated wastewater treatment systems. Not only will this infrastructure plan help municipalities fund the expenses to upgrade aging wastewater technology, but it may help alleviate the additional charges customers are seeing on their utility bills (according to Chris Groh, Wisconsin Rural Water Association).

Municipalities with aging wastewater systems may need to upgrade multiple aspects of their technology, such as: advanced wastewater treatment, aeration wastewater technologies, air and odor wastewater treatment, biological treatment, clarification wastewater technology, combined sewer overflows (CSO), sanitary sewer overflows (SSO), de-ragging technology, disinfection, PFAS or PFOA treatment, primary wastewater solutions, screening and filtration, secondary and tertiary technology, sludge management, and wastewater tank mixing.

Paul Nygaard, Owner of ICS Group shares his advice with municipalities looking to

upgrade - "municipalities are consistently challenged with reduced budgets and trying to figure out how to implement appropriate wastewater infrastructure improvements while at the same time being mindful of the impact on tax payers. The monies allotted in this infrastructure bill will be a huge benefit to Wisconsin municipalities and may be the catalyst to moving vital improvement projects forward that not have been possible due to funding shortfalls."

"At ICS Group we work diligently with consulting engineers and municipalities to provide wastewater treatment solutions that are innovative and cutting edge; while being as cost efficient as possible. Now is the time for municipalities to take advantage of these vital infrastructure funding dollars to implement plant upgrade projects.”

To learn more about the Infrastructure Bill and how your local municipality may benefit, please visit the Wisconsin Rural Water Association.

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